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Arch and the team at Mold Abatement, Inc are top notch. They were able to help diagnosis the asbestos issues in our new office building and have helped remove it in a same and thorough manner. We would highly recommend this company to anyone needing an asbestos or mold removal company! 🙌🙌
Eric Mellen

Why Mold Abatement Inc?

Mold and asbestos are serious problems plaguing millions of homeowners and business owners. Without proper detection and remediation, those problems can expand over time leading to significant health and even structural issues—issues that could be prevented by contacting Mold Abatement, Inc.

Based in Memphis, Mold Abatement, Inc. provides quick, reliable and professional servicing for mold, asbestos and lead paint. These common contaminants are found in many area properties—but that doesn’t mean they should be left to linger.

Our expert team focuses on the unique needs of your property, determining a comprehensive treatment and remediation plan that not only eliminates contaminants but ensures you won’t experience any future issues. From complete testing to clean up, abatement and removal of all mold, asbestos and lead paint, we’ll ensure your space is safe, sanitary and ready for future renovations, remodeling or, simply, living.

Don’t wait until you’re dealing with a major mold outbreak or health concerns tied to asbestos or lead. Contact us now for a complete top-down assessment and customized treatment plan.

Commercial References

  • Bishop Byrne High School
  • Frito-Lay, Jonesboro, AR
  • The Cochran Law Firm
  • USAA Insurance
  • Coleman-Fountaine
  • Bancorp South TN & MS
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts Realty
  • Bill Mann Construction
  • Tim Disalvio Construction

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Mold can be a serious health and, even, structural issue if it’s not treated by a professional. Get in touch to learn more about our mold abatement services and how we can help your home or office get—and stay—mold-free.

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